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Sonakshi Sinha only in bollywood thanks to Salman Khan

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

At a time when it has become pretty clear that actor-politico Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi is frontrunner for most awards in the country for best debut, the doting dad makes sure she never forgets one thing ever — and that’s to stay grounded!

“I feel proud to accompany my daughter on the stage when she’s receiving an award. I have always advised her to be level-headed and keep her feet on the ground,” says the doting father.

The newbie, on the other hand, admits that there couldn’t have been a better platform for making her debut on screen than Dabangg. “I want to thank Arbaaz Khan (producer) that he thought that I could fit into the role opposite Salman, and of course, director Abhinav (Sinha) for holding my hand and treating me like a younger sister while I was still learning the ropes of acting,” says Sonakshi.

But the actor is quick to add that the biggest contribution to her career in Bollywood will always be that of her co-starSalman Khan. “I am here because of Salman. He discovered and convinced me that I’m the one he’s looking for. I owe a lot to him and am glad now that he made me find the actor in me,” she adds.

Sonakshi, it is learned, plans to take to charitable causes in a big way, and is considering to take up the cause of promoting Women’s education in India.

“Sonakshi might associate herself in a bigger way with Wave, an NGO that is working towards the welfare of women from the lower stratum of the society. Wave works in close association with two other NGOs, Muskaan and Nanhi Kali for this whole endeavour, and is actively working towards garnering funds for them. They are currently working towards helping to build a school for the girl child, and it is expected that Sonakshi will be a part of the endeavour in a big way,” says a source.

Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh only good friends?

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

The newcomer in Bollywood Ranveer Singh recently made his debut in Band Baaja Baaraat opposite Anushka Sharma and confirmed that they both are very good friends. He does not bother about the rumors, which claim that they both are romantically involved. Ranveer told, “She and I are very god friends. How do I change the truth just because it sounds clichéd? Neither of us are affected about what people are saying.”

As for the rumors that are floating in the air these days, he says, “I was too much into my work to even pay attention to the rumors. I just want to perform well and this has been my only concern. In fact, I was casually dating a girl and a call from Yashraj changed my life. So far I have never been in a serious relationship and my career has just started.”

He continued saying, “We come from different schools of filmmaking. I am a trained actor and she has never been to an acting school. As a model she has faced the camera several times and is two films older to me. She is a one-take actor and I believe in a lot of rehearsal, which was the only thing that annoyed Anushka the most. Because her first take was always the best. We had to come to a middle ground before we both could take off. Now, I feel that I was rehearsing more than required because it was my first movie. She is the one who taught me how to be spontaneous. But the fact is we had to be complete loggerheads on screen and this was helped with our constant friction on the sets regarding the approach of acting.”

When asked about his first release Band Baaja Baaraat he says, “I think after this movie I have to do something with a completely contrasting character. Someone who is not opinionated, loud and unsophisticated.”

One call from Yashraj changed my life, “It was completely out of the blue from the casting director Shanu Sharma. I distinctly remember that I was out on a date and that day Shanu kept calling me. I tried to avoid her calls for as long as I could because I had different things on my mind that moment. Imagine if I had not received her call from Yashraj that day for a fling, which had lasted only for ten days! Anyways the next day I went to Yashraj and did two scenes and they gave a call back within three days. Later, Adi Sir told me that he had made up his mind about me immediately.”

There have been rumors that his father had financed the film, he says, “Yes such rumors do hurt me a lot. And such ugly things take away my pleasure of being the first solo hero to be launched by Yashraj. The pride of my family that I made it on my own got blunted, it was like snatching my little achievement from me. I am proud of myself and I believe in destiny so no rumor can even affect me.”

Dhobi Ghat a huge FLOP and DISASTER

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Director: Kiran Rao
Banner: Aamir Khan Productions
Writer: Kiran Rao
Cinematography: Tushar Kanti Ray
Music: Gustavo Santaolalla
Cast: Aamir Khan, Prateik Babbar, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra, Kitu Gidwani, Danish Hussein, Nafisa Khan

Grade: D-

The movie opens with the message “There will be no break in the movie” but that’s not quite correct. As the movie successfully breaks the patience of the audience. After 95 minutes of watching something which looks remotely like a documentary, the audience is left utterly confused. What was the story about? What was the story teller trying to tell? And most of all what was Aamir Khan doing in a movie like this?

The movie is about four main characters and how their lives get inter wined with one another. Arun (Aamir Khan) is a reclusive painter who has problems socializing with people. When he shifts into a new house, he finds three “chitthis” or letters (actually video tapes) left behind by the previous occupant, Yasmin (Kriti Malhotra). He starts watching these videos and that’s how a relationship is established between the two of them. The end of her story leaves him shocked and makes him change his house again. Then we have Shia (Monica Dogra) who works in a bank back in the Big Apple. She is on a “sabbatical” and comes to Mumbai to study the traditional Indian professionals like the washer men, vegetable vendors, perfume sellers etc. She meets Munna (Prateik Babbar), a washerman-cum-night rat killer, who helps her with the task in hand. There is a love angle too in the movie. Shia is attracted to Arun who does not respond. Munna is in love with Shia who does not respond. Are you still with me? Good because there is more to come!

Needless to say the performance by Aamir Khan is amazing. There are absolutely no traces of 20-something “Rancho” from 3 Idiots. We have a mature 40-something painter who looks intense and deep. Very much like his real image. Monica Dongra as an English-speaking NRI does a decent job. Prateik Babbar has proved that he, indeed, has acting in his blood. His mom must be smiling at him from above. Kriti Malhotra hardly leaves any impression on the mind. But the performance by the junior artists takes the cake. Latabai (Yasmin’s maid) and her daughter Vinita are very convincing. Salim as a typical Mumbai guy does justice to the role.

One cannot put “Dhobi Ghat” in the art movie category. And neither does it come under the commercial one. It lies somewhere in between the documentary and parallel cinema. The problem with the theme of the movie is that so much has already been said about the vast economic gap, the lack of basic amenities for the common man and of course, the ugly yet compelling place called “Mumbai”. As Arun beautifully puts it in one line “Mumbai my muse, my whore and my beloved city”. The city inspires you like a muse, doesn’t belong to anyone or belongs to everyone like a whore and embraces you like a beloved. Very profound!

What catches the viewers’ attention is the remarkable cinematography by Tushar Kanti Ray. You will witness some of the most artistically done shots of Mumbai and her people. Some respite from the dragging story.

To say that the viewers might not like the movie because of their lack of understanding of the parallel cinema will be unfair. The Indians are ready for the New Age cinema. They have appreciated movies like “Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye” “Taare Zameen Par” “Tere Bin Laden” “Dev D”, to name a few, in the past. All these movies were not the usual “masala” ones. But you cannot fool “janta janardhan” with a boring flick in the name of “contemporary” movie. They are too intelligent for that.

My verdict is Aamir Khan should not have been in this movie, even if it was for his wife sake. Every movie he has been in over the last 5 years has been a success. This just took that excitement away from Aamir Khans movies.

Ms. Kiran Rao, your debut directorial venture seems to be a complete “wash out”. Time to take some direction tips from your better half.

Shahrukh Khan smoking in Public

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Shahrukh Khan was spotted smoking in the front row at the 17th Annual Star Screen Awards.

King Khan can’t stay away from nicotine for long, it seems for while sitting in the front row when the award function was underway at Mumbai’s Bandra-Kurla Complex on Thursday evening, the superstar lit up the cigarette and smoked, caring not a hoot for those sitting nearby and subjected to passive smoking.

Karan Johar, who sat next to SRK, did look a bit uptight when SRK lit up, but did not object.

SRK hosted the major segment of the show and also won an award for Best Actor Popular Choice (male) for his performance in My Name Is Khan.

Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan came nearly face to face

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

At the Star Screen Awards, Aishwarya Rai exited quickly from a lounge after spotting her ex sweetheart, Salman Khan relaxing there with friends.

A source present at the event said, “The closing act of the awards was performed by Aishwarya on many of her popular hits.

A thoughtful Aishwarya decided to wait outside the lounge rather than relax inside to avoid cofrontation with ex-boyfriend, before her performance at Star Screen awards.

As she reached the backstage much ahead of time for her performance, she decided to rest at the nearby lounge till her performance was announced.

But before Ash could enter the lounge she bumped into Vidya Balan and the two exchanged pleasantries for some time.

After her conversation Ash went inside, glanced around and was seen walking out of the room swiftly. Ash stood quietly outside and refused to budge till her performance was announced.”

When the organizers of the show were wondering about the reason for Ash’s sudden exit, Salman Khan was suddenly spotted casually strolling out of the lounge.

“It was obvious that Salman was inside (the lounge) but Ash with her usual poise, assessed a potentially embarrassing situation and left quickly thus averting it completely. the source said.

After Salman left, a crew member rushed to Aishwarya and told her that she could now probably go and relax at the lounge but Ash refused and stayed outside,”

The source also informed that while Aishwarya rushed out from the lounge, Salman appeared to be perfectly calm and collected even after spotting his ex-girlfriend.

“Salman has moved on and has no issues about bumping into anyone anywhere. He was relaxing with some friends and when he spotted Ash, he appeared unmoved and continued with his conversation.”