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Mirpuri Katan Silk Sarees

Mirpuri Katan Silk Sarees

Mirpuri Katan, a thread, prepared by twisting a different number of silk filaments according to requirement gives a firm structure to the background fabric. Mirpuri Katan is a plain woven fabric with pure silk threads. It consists of two threads twisted together and is mostly used for the warp of light fabrics.

Mirpuri Katan Silk sarees offer spectacular design with very fine quality material. Whenever one wants to get some real good sarees for a particular occasion, specially for wedding ceremonies, one has no option but to go to Mirpur Benarasee Polli to buy Mirpur katan, Benarasee or silk. They are Fascinating, beautiful, colorful and charming.

SareeGuru source these sarees direct from Bangladesh and have a large selection to offer our customers the choice and variety of colour options.

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