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Monipuri Traditional Sarees

Monipuri Traditional Sarees

Monipuri sarees are made out of pure cotton material. Weaved and hand stitched by traditional weaving communities in Bangladesh. Adabashi people are the experts in making Manipuri sarees. The traditions on how to produce these sarees are passed on from one generation to another and have been a part of Bangladesh's culture for over a century.

There are two main regions in Bangladesh where these communities now live and still produce this exciting range of sarees. This is Sylhet and Chittagong where these traditional communities have a strong presence.

The design of these sarees are unique and stand out from the usual Indian sarees. The fabric, texture and colours offer a unique combination that can be worn for all occassions.

SareeGuru source these sarees direct from Bangladesh and have a large selection to offer our customers the choice and variety of colour options.

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