Tangail Saree

ts1007-thumb.jpgWhile the Dhaki Jamdani saree is worn by fashion conscious working women for their elegance, Tangail saris offer a spectacular impact and is worn in bridal parties such as gaye halud and mehendi. These are mostly Jamdani motifs on Tangail fabric and are generally known by the confusing nomenclature of Tangail Jamdani. Although beige background is the most popular, these are available in a riot of colors, at affordable prices. 

Tangail, Dhoneokali, Shantipuri and Begumpuri are other popular styles of Bengal handlooms in the lower price range. 

Over the years, the distinctive patterns have merged as weavers started experimenting with various combinations of design and yarn, so much so, it is now difficult to distinguish between the various styles, unless one is an expert on texture.

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ts1005-thumb.jpgTangail in Bangladesh is known for beautiful sarees produced by traditional weaving communities.

Weaving Communities
· Women are responsible for pre-weaving process.
· Weaver families in Bangladesh are supported by ‘The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund’.
· Some women have become weavers by setting up their own looms,thereby improving their as well as the country’s economical & social condition.

Tangail sarees from Bangladesh are spectaculour in colour and design and offer an amazing range of sarees for partwear as well as normal casual wear.

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